Small Business Saturday in the Canton Arts District

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in News

Small Business Saturday in the Canton Arts District

By Jara Anton

Black Friday…how many people got trampled last year? Didn’t that other lady die? And for what? A hand towel to the first 15 people through the door? This year, more than any other, we’ve seen a real push back towards Black Friday. We’re also seeing an attempt at refusing all Thanksgiving night sales. And rightfully so, aren’t the holidays about love and family?

Are you getting dragged out this year for a new clock radio that you don’t even need? There are options. Small Business Saturday! But, what IS Small Business Saturday? If small business is Luke Skywalker, then Walmart is Darth Vader and Black Friday is your turn to pick a side. Will you wait in lines for a crappy TV that won’t make it till SuperBowl? Do you want to pick out thoughtful, charming presents that will make you seem MUCH more considerate? Small Business Saturday is a day to celebrate the area vendors while making your dollar vote count. Small businesses in the area will be opening their doors early and staying a little later to accommodate all of your needs. Oh, and there will be free snacks!

We both know why we tend to default to big business—its easy. We’re going to buy a six pack, lipstick and a spatuala…maybe for a big night in. No one’s judging. You know what you’re getting, but the trouble is—everyone’s getting the same thing. Then, you fool yourself into thinking that you’ll just get in and then get out. But then, the Receipt Regret Shuffle. You’re holding your bags and frantically scanning that receipt, “what did I even buy?!” Yeah, that’s not going to happen with Small Business Saturday.

Canton Brewing Company is giving away one of their logo glasses with every $50 gift card purchased. They’ll even throw in a collectible CBC porcelain pin with any t shirt or sweatshirt purchase. Sounds like you’re knockin’ it out already! Need to re-stock on those gift cards? Carpe Diem is going to be open 8am-4pm, buy 4 of the $10 gift cards and get the 5th one free!

Hub Gallery Art Factory will be offering $50 off any Tim Carmany artwork in the gallery! AND! $50 off a Christmas Gift Commission! Pop into Bliss, they’ll be open 11-7. Print & Press Studios is going guerilla style with a popup in what will eventually become their shop space, 429 4th Street. Grapes in a Glass is getting in on the action, offering 20% off all canvas prints, from Small Business Saturday all the way to First Friday!

Feeling peckish already? Canton Food Tours will be open from noon to five where you can drop in for free refreshments. Even more snacks will be available from The Dreg Spot, 10am-5pm. Come for the snack, stay for 30% of artwork. *Not including the bargain car or holiday work.

Enjoy extended hours from Colette’s Vintage, 11am-6pm, where you can get 20% a purchase of $25 or more. Second April will be open from 10am-6pm. Arrowhead Vintage offers hours from 11am-8pm.

This is your community, keep it competitive. You’re not a mindless zombie who wants to wander huge aisles of fluorescently lit mega stores. Skip Best Buy and stay closer to home to be with your loved ones, to make shopping a fun event. Window shop in your neighborhood while you enjoy home grown art and crafts.

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