Second April Open House Saturday

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Second April Open House Saturday

By Todd Walburn

As a child I was always fascinated by the idea of Santa’s Workshop. The concept of such a magical place, filled with the sounds of Christmas music, laughter and jolly elves tinkering away at creating Christmas presents appealed to the child in me (and, from a practical standpoint I found the idea of a centralized production and shipping facility to be ingenious and innovative.) I used to imagine the happy elves, crafting gifts at long tables, happy to be a part of the chain of events that culminated in happy children on Christmas morning. It was an attractive myth, unbelievable but grounded in the hopes and wishes of the not-yet-jaded.

Of course, as I got older and learned how to read I wasn’t so gullible. That “Made In China” stamp wasn’t placed there as some elaborate ruse as my mother tried to convince me. There was a whole economy of disgruntled workers producing the plastic crap that I had grown so fond of and, let’s be honest, that was just fine with me. Over the years, however, I began to understand the joy of giving gifts to others and I loved shopping for just that right something to put under the tree for my parents or my siblings or my friends or someone I had a crush on. I would spend hours, days combing through stores trying to find that perfect, one-of-a-kind item that would mean something special to that other person. Soon the joy of giving overtook the joy of getting and I started to understand a little bit better what made Christmas special to me.

That I grew up to be one of the owners of a gallery that features one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, art is not a huge surprise. I guess it’s the closest I could imagine coming to having a seat at the long table at Santa’s Workshop next to the elves. That the “Elves” here are really smart, creative, hard working grown ups is hardly a disappointment (though jolly, I always thought elves would be a tripping hazard anyway). What I’ve begun to learn over the years is that these artist “elves” are every bit as committed and invested in creating things for the enjoyment of others as I imagined the workers at Santa’s Workshop would be. Seemingly out of thin air, they craft work that is beautiful and special and would be a prized gift under anyone’s tree or for any other occasion.

This Saturday, November 14th from Noon to 5, you can join me and the artists at 2nd April Galerie and see what they’ve been up to in their workshops this year. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone you love or for yourself you will be amazed at the variety and the quality and the creativity in every item at every studio. Jimmy Chesterfield will be singing holiday (and other) songs, there will be sweet treats in every studio with recipes for you to talk home and make yourself. We’ll even have a reflexologist on hand (for a small fee) to get you off your feet for a few moments. It’s like Santa’s Workshop only better. It’s not often that we get to meet the person who made something we love to have or love to give.

Grab a seat at the workshop table and enjoy a relaxing afternoon amidst the artists at 2nd April. No matter what holiday you celebrate, or your level of belief (or disbelief) you will find a bit of seasonal magic in a very magical place and, for a little while, it can make a believer out of anyone.

Todd WalburnTodd Walburn is the co-owner of Second April Galerie and Studios and a blogger for ArtsinStark

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