Relax and Color with Ikon

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in News

Relax and Color with Ikon

by Maranda Saling

Every artist found their start somewhere and now Ikon is offering you a chance to take your skills to the next level, regardless of the level you’re at now! Ikon Images Gallery is hosting an event called Relax and Color where attendees will be given the opportunity to learn from artist and teacher Ann Hessman, who will be teaching artistic shading and blending practices that even the most rudimentary skilled artists will be able to understand. It isn’t often that adults take the time to sit back and doodle or color, but it may actually be good for their mental health if they would feel so inclined to spend some time daydreaming and expressing their inner child.

According to Medical Daily, research shows that while coloring is not medically considered therapeutic, it allows for people, including adults, to shut off their brains and de-stress for a short time in their lives. How often is one given such an opportunity? In this busy world it becomes easy to simply lose sight of our stress levels and lose control as a result. Coloring is akin to meditation in that it helps visualize the inner peace that everyone needs to achieve every once in a while. Ikon Image Gallery will be showing you just how much coloring can help you relax and it will only cost $15 and two hours of your time! If interested, make sure to bring a set of twenty-four high quality artist coloring pencils, a sharpener, eraser, colorless blending pencil and coloring book of your choice or purchase all you need from the gallery. The event takes place on November 14th and starts at 1pm. See the website to sign up and join a group who isn’t afraid to let the kid inside free every once in a while!

Maranda Saling


Maranda Saling is the owner of Bellflower Communications.

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