Public Art

Public Art

A Walk in the Park by Christine Benner
– Cleveland Ave. NW & 6th St . N

Shattered Expressions by Tommy Morgan
– 5th St. N & Cleveland Ave. NW

Mother of Invention by Tommy Morgan
– 4th St. N and Court Ave. N

Homage (sans da vinci) by Tommy Morgan
– 4th St. N and Court Ave. N

Gaia’s Hope by Joseph Close – 3rd St. N & Court Ave. N

Downtown Cats by BZTAT – 201 5th Street NW

Street Strolling by the Arts Academy at Summit – 4th St NW & Cleveland Ave NW

The Sky is the Limit by Joseph Close – McKinley Avenue & 3rd St NW (Timken HS skywalk)

Garbage to Glory

23 artistically enhanced trash containers are located throughout the downtown area, designed by 18 local artists: Marcy Axelband, Christine Benner, Vicki Boatwright, Carol Briney, Patrick Buckohr, Joseph Close, Jim Corrin, Tony Depew, Judi Greek, Barb Hoskins, Bili Kribbs, BJ Lincoln, Tiffany Marsh, Dana Muntean, Pam Neff, Tracey Parker, Lynda Tuttle, Michele Waalkes


Critters by Patrick Buckohr:
Giraffe – Court Ave. and 4th St. N.
Duckie – Cleveland Ave. and 5th St. N.
Gorilla – Court Ave. and 4th St. N.
Fish – Court Ave. & 6th St. N.

Football Tractor by PR Miller – Court Ave. & 5th St. N.

Sax by Patrick Buckohr – Market. Ave, NW & 3rd St. N.

600 by Patrick Buckohr & Joseph Close – Market Ave. N.
& 6th St. N.

Shutterbug by P.R. Miller – Cleveland Ave NW & 5th St N.

Turtle by Patrick Buckohr, Joseph Close & Paul Warner – Market & 4th St. N.

Near the Arts District

Adroit Juggler sculpture by Mac Worthington
South Central Plaza, Market Ave.

Blind Justice mural by Richard & Charane Payorena
237 West Tuscarawas

Perpetual Pride sculpture by Patrick Buckohr & Joseph Close
Timken High School Campus, McKinley Ave.

Enlightenment sculpture by Don Lundstrom
Stark County District Library
715 Market Ave., N.

Morning Breeze sculpture by Jerry Peart
Canton Museum of Art
1001 Market Ave., N.