Print & Press Grand Opening: May 6

Posted by on May 5, 2016 in News

Print & Press Grand Opening: May 6

by Jara Anton

Canton’s Arts District has been exploding with new businesses and the summer is only just beginning! This time, the power of two artists combine! Two DIY forces have joined up to create Print and Press Shop & Studio. Half retail shop and half fully functioning printing studio, you have a new stop on your First Friday tour.

Print and Press Studio is celebrating their grand opening on May 6! No longer on the pop up style type hours—-Print and Press is all grown up and ready to party. They have their first round of local, extraordinary artists with the hope to curate more product lines. Print and Press will also move to host future art workshops as well as curating the work of regional artists.

Two of Canton’s standout artists decided it was time to put their heads together. Separately, they are mighty, but together, they are nothing short of unstoppable. Little Chicago Clothing uses high quality materials to create silk screened shirts with a flair for the local design. Letterpress Jess supplies all of your hand made paper cards, calendars and prints—produced on a 1963 letter press.

The two artists are Amy Eibel of Little Chicago Clothing and Jess Bennett of Letterpress Jess. They had seen each other around town, knew of the other’s work but a collaboration was further down the road. The magic didn’t begin until the monthly Deli Ohio Flea in downtown Canton. The neighborhood is sprouting several runaway businesses and Print and Press is poised for neighborhood domination. The spot will combine the work of both Eibel and Bennett, but they will also be able to invite other Ohio artists with similar tastes, but new and different materials/medium.

New artists on tap for the grand opening are local and they’re ready for your attention. Seek Good River will be your new favorite ball cap, with customizable patches for sale. Little Kelm’s handmade jewelry, designed by Lauren Shaw will also be featured at Print and Press. Illustrator Tim Eakin will have some of his beautiful, precise and fantastic prints on hand. Eakin will also be pulling double duty at the venue by running the register, so say hi while you take a spin through his work. A quick spin through the artists’ respective social media pages will reinforce why Print and Press has offered them space in their new shop.

Print and Press announces their grand opening reception, this Friday, May 6, from 6-10pm.

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