New Juice Bar in Downtown Canton : Diaita Cold Press Juice

Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in News

New Juice Bar in Downtown Canton : Diaita Cold Press Juice

By James Dennison

One of the most exciting new businesses opening this spring in Downtown Canton, right in the center of the Arts District is Diaita Cold Press Juice. Diaita is an established business which has been open on Whipple near the Belden Village Mall for a year and is expanding their current success into the excitement and growth in Downtown Canton’s Arts District. Diaita is a cold pressed juice business, which means that they sell pre-packaged, refrigerated bottles of 100% organic healthy vegetable and fruit juice

Cold Press Juice is new chapter in the veggie juice industry which is becoming extremely popular lately. Cold Press Juicing is a superior way of retaining the essential nutrients and benefits of fresh fruit juice and vegetable juices without pasteurization and greatly speeding up the time it takes to get a fresh veggie and fruit juice. The organic veggies and fruits are ground up and then squeezed through a hydraulic press to release 100% of the natural juice from the chosen foods. The juice is then sealed and refrigerated and is ready for you to grab and go. No long lines, no slow process and all the great juice that do wonders for your body.

diaita 1 The name of the store Diaita which is an ancient greek word translating into the English word “diet” but also is defined as “way of life” and is really the philosophy behind Diaita Cold Press Juice. Diaita offers 12 different bottled juices that are perfect for all the different dietary needs of local health conscious consumers, all of their juices are 100% raw, 100% Organic and 100% Cold Pressed. Diaita also offers help for people seeking an easier, quicker alternative to people needing a cleanse. Diaita offers 7 different cleanses for every monetary and health level. The cold press juice cleanses help with weight loss, detoxification and people who are just needing a health boost.

Their current location is beautifully stylized with all of the hand crafted work being completed by the owner Eddie Mealy and wife Shamiko Mealy. The ceiling is tiled with beautifully stained wood panels, the space is clean and open and is a very relaxing natural environment. Even the open sign is lovingly hand crafted by owner Eddie Mealy. Once you’ve been in Diaita Cold Press Juice and find how quickly you can be in and out and on your way with a beautifully crafted juice you’ll never step foot in an old fashioned juice bar again!

Diaita 2Look for this great new addition to Downtown Canton to open on First Friday, May 6th 2016. They are located right in the center of the Arts District at 225 3rd Street NW just a quick walk between Cultured Coffee and The Canton Brewing Company. Like them on facebook and check them out online at

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