New Bookstore in Downtown Canton: Next Chapter

Posted by on Apr 4, 2016 in News

New Bookstore in Downtown Canton: Next Chapter

by James Dennison

Among the many new exciting businesses in downtown Canton is Next Chapter, a small used book store specializing in classic fiction, non-fiction, instructional, vintage books and community building. Next Chapter is located in the row of small shop inside Studio 5 on 4th Street between Dewalt and Cleveland. The row of stores on Studio 5 built in the early 1900s  were created for a different era where a simple watch repairman, lawyer or insurance salesman would not need a large venue. While owner Chad Minor’s space is small he’s somehow made it feel roomy and inviting. His walls are lined with handmade dark green shelving which cradle copies of beautifully worn copies of Jack London and HG Wells.

Four overstuffed leather chairs circle the back of the store and serve as a place where the community can come together and play board games, hold meetings or spend a few minutes quietly reading. The idea of community and togetherness is deep part of what owner and operator Chad Minor is wanting to bring to downtown Canton in his new venture.

When he’s not selling books Chad is a licensed minister, who runs a farm that feeds over 800 needy people, another charity that donates clothing to 800 needy people, he works directly with Just Imagine helping sell art created by mental challenged and special needs people. Chad’s formerly done free movie night in the park with a large screen and hot dog truck and the works. A few minutes with Chad and you’ll find his ambition calm, powerful and infectious.

A few of the projects Chad has currently is a deal worked with the barber Tennessee located a block from his shop on 3rd Street to get free haircuts for reading one page of random history from a book of Daily Devotionals in the shop. He’s currently working with Just Imagine to create large paintings reproductions of vintage paperback book covers to sell inside his shop. In 2016 he’s scheduling political debates on local political issues inside the shop.

Come visit the Next Chapter used book store  located at 310 4th Street, Canton Ohio 44702. Next Chapter is open 10 – 2 Monday through Thursday, 11 to 5 on Friday and 11 to 6pm on Saturday.  Click the link below to check them out on facebook!

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