Light Up the Hub Thursday

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015 in News

Light Up the Hub Thursday

You have a little bit of time before the holiday season soaks up all of your time. Sneak off to the Hub Art Factory for a little bit of “improv” art and camaraderie while you support your local scene and arguably two of Canton’s most legendary artists, Pat Buckohr and Joe Close. This Thursday, Dec 3, 8:30pm, Light up the Hub features both local artists in a night of art, drinks, snacks and a gift bag, including a free t shirt from Little Chicago. Tickets are $30 for the evening, available on EventBrite. Please RSVP with your chosen tshirt size.

The Hub Art Factory is not only a studio for artists, six and counting, it has also emerged as a live art venue. Wander in to the Hub Art Factory, plate up a few of the catered snacks and wait for the magic to begin! Watch two local artists work together to create a new and unique piece of art before your very eyes. Light up the Hub offers you a unique, bird’s eye view of, allowing you to actually see both artists work in tandem to create a piece of art which will then be auctioned off at the end of the night. From scrappy scratch to glimmering finish, you’ll be a part of history being made.

Thursday, Joe Close and Pat Buckohr will work together on a piece of art, medium is still to be decided. If you’re scratching your head because you would swear you’ve heard these names before, you’re right. Pat Buckohr is a well traveled tattoo artist and an accomplished scrap metal artist. Pat created the gorilla, giraffe, angel fish and rubber duck in downtown Canton. Joe Close, a recognized oil painter, welder and glass blower, has his own downtown Canton offering, Gaia’s Hope, a mural on Court Avenue, measuring 6 feet wide and 8 feet tall.

This is not the first time Pat and Joe have collaborated, they were both able to work together to create the rhino in downtown Canton out of old tires. With these very special talents and fields of expertise, one is still left to wonder what the medium will be…will you be the winner of this very special, one of a kind art project created by Pat and Joe?

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