Improved Business: Cultured Coffee & Waffles

Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in News

Improved Business: Cultured Coffee & Waffles

by James Dennison

Spring has sprung in the the Canton Arts District and downtown Canton is finding itself blooming with new and improved businesses. One of the absolutely most improved businesses downtown is in the center of Arts District and has recently changed its name from Cultured Coffee to Cultured Coffee & Waffles. The space has always been a hub of activity and good coffee, but since changing ownership to Mike Nasvadi, Cultured has added gourmet waffles, free video games, more seating, new coffee drinks, specialty beers and longer, more consistent hours.

The best change by far is the addition of gourmet level waffles. Breakfast Belgian waffles with 14 different topic options are available from open at 8am until noon, from noon to close Cultured has 6 different lunch and dinner waffles sure to fill any foodies instagram feed.  The Grandpa’s Grilled Cheese Waffle is a crispy mac and cheese waffle. The Pizza in a Half Shell is delicious pepperoni pizza waffle. The El Chupacabra (my personal favorite) is a waffle stuffed with cheese and taco meat, served with sour cream. The Last Dragon is a butt kicking Kung Pow! Chicken Waffle. The Hell’s Chicken is a spicey buffalo chicken waffle and the Ziggy is a rosemary and green olive waffle. Each waffle has it’s own beautiful poster designed by local artists Stephen Engel.

In addition to the Waffles, Cultured has a nice lounge area equipped with a wide screen flat screen and a video game system running an Nintendo, Super Nintendo and a Sega Genesis cartridges free for playing. The front of the store features a vintage black and white Space Invaders tabletop game and a small stage frequently used for poetry, magic shows, comedy and music performances. Cultured has free wifi available as well as plenty of outdoor seating for enjoying the mild Ohio summers. Also available is online ordering from their website and frequent coffee customers have free coffee rewards. The owner Mike Nasvadi is a big bicycle enthusiast and is now offering 25% off for anyone who arrives at the store on a bicycle.

Check out Cultured Coffee & Waffles online at and come visit them in the store located at 308 Cleveland Ave NW in Downtown Canton, Ohio,  Monday through Saturday from 8am to 10pm.  Don’t miss this shining jewel in the crown on a resurfacing downtown Canton, Cultured Coffee and Waffles is a must see! Five stars.

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