Writing Knights

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016

Writing Knights

Writing Knights

Address : 324 Cleveland Ave NW , Canton , OH , 44702

Wonderful group of collaborative writers and poets who's published books are available at Avenue Arts and Theater.


Writing Knights Press was founded in June 2009 by Azriel Johnson as a vehicle for writing SEO articles. "Where the Pen is Mightier Than the Sword" was the slogan chosen since words were the only thing left to Johnson after losing his job and his home. As he fought his way out of homelessness he moved to Cleveland, Ohio and became an active participant in the Cleveland Poetry Scene.

In April 2011, Johnson self published his chapbook "Hellfire, Heavensent" under the Writing Knights Press banner.

In May 2011 came Mandy Buffington's "Love, Unwrapped". In July 2011, Writing Knights Press took over Bela Dubby (a cafe and performance space in Lakewood, Ohio) and held the first of many monthly events: "A Poetic Night of Musicality". "A Poetic Night of Musicality" saw the release of Steve Brightman's "The Logic of Meteors", Colton Bose's "A Stranger in the Alps", Ben Peridol's "The Conveyor Belts of Freedom", and Marissa Hyde's "Not About Love".

From September 2011 to October 2011, an assistant came to join the Writing Knights Team, Krystal Marie Sierra. She unfortunately moved on after the October event. In January 2012, Marissa Hyde joined the Writing Knights Team and has been part of the team since.

In July 2012, the first anniversary of Writing Knights came in the form of the Grand Tournament event. The Grand Tournament hosted 5 finalists from a manuscript contest: Brian Horrocks, Dennis Shanaberg, Kathleen D. Gallagher, Kevin Frederick Smith, and Skylark Bruce. The winner of the contest would be the first Writing Knights Press author to have a full length book of poetry. After the judges scores were tabulated from both the written and the performance round, Skylark Bruce was declared the winner. Her book "Graffiti Wisdom" is in pre-production.

December 2012 brought the first Writing Knights Press nominations for the Pushcart Prize. The nominees were: "Shortcuts" by Howie Good; "On Being the Only White Person on the Bus" by Andrew Line; "Hopes of a Young American Poet" by Walter Beck; "St. Mary Magdalene Carnival" by Ken Gradomski, "translating firefly" by Marc Mannheimer; and "Personality Harlot" by Kathleen D. Gallagher.

December 22nd promises to be the best super show Writing Knights has ever produced with seven great acts slated: (In alphabetical order) Dianne Borsenik; Colton Bose; Skylark Bruce; John Burroughs; Robert Miltner; Akeemjamal Rollins; and Smith & Lady.

Also on December 22nd, Writing Knights Press adopted a new slogan, "Only Poetry Can Save You Now".

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