Redbud Suds Soap Company

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016

Redbud Suds Soap Company

Redbud Suds Soap Company

Address : 324 Cleveland Ave NW , Canton , OH , 44702

My adventure towards Redbud Suds began in 2012 when my husband Clinton and I traded our secure jobs for a van and an open road.

Clinton and I spend the next two years working in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota, guiding canoe trips for an environmentally-focused nonprofit for half the year and road-tripping to rock climb all over the country during the other half.

Those two years were spent immersed in wilderness. Taking that time to slow down -- to notice, to truly pay attention to my relationships with my fellow travelers and the earth -- had an enormous impact on me. I realized how much modern life has left us feeling disconnected with the natural world. I saw first-hand how our collective impact is re-shaping wild spaces.

After two fulfilling years of travel and inspiration, Clinton and I were ready for a new kind of adventure, that of finding fulfilling careers and a deeper sense of community. We were ready to feel "settled" (relatively speaking), so we picked Ohio to be close to family and a job opportunity for Clinton. As for me, returning to the conventional classroom had no appeal. Instead, I set out to solve a burning question that our time in wild spaces had ignited in me: how can I take that blissful sense of connectedness that one gets in the wilderness and recreate it in everyday life? Can I turn my passion for wilderness into something to inspire myself and others into positive action in the "real world"?

So often, our busyness leaves no time to reflect. We forget how interdependent we are the earth and each other. There are so many distractions.

It was through asking these questions that Redbud Suds came alive. Soap making began as a simple curiosity, a harmless hobby. But when I realized that I was tired of feeling like there was nothing I could do in the face of climate change, tired of green-washed products, scrutinizing ingredient labels, wasteful packaging and not being able to find trustworthy alternatives I could afford, I realized: this is it! Making soap is a perfect way for me to start the conversation about what matters. As a product, it's practical, aesthetic, and can be made from local and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Redbud Suds is more than something to get you clean: it’s a reminder that everyday, we make small but important choices that actually do make a difference. Small drops make an ocean.

My dream is to build hope and inspire positive action towards an ever-increasingly sustainable future. So often we bogged down in the details, but I’ve FINALLY come to realize: you won’t get anywhere unless you start somewhere. For me, I began my adventure in the woods, guiding wilderness trips and experiencing profound awe in nature. To see so much environmental degradation in my lifetime alone inspires me to do something. Every day, something.

We all have our springboard for hope. What’s yours?

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