Collective Skate/Art/Snow

Posted by on Jan 29, 2015

Collective Skate/Art/Snow

Collective Skate/Art/Snow

Address : 338 4th St. NW , Canton , OH , 44702

Telephone : (330) 493-7587

COLLECTIVE was born out of necessity, and the desire to do something positive for the Canton area and skateboarding in general.

Being that it is the ‘mid-west’ and the owner loves winter, snowboards fit in to the concept nicely. The ‘ART’ came about organically as so many people from way back came to aid in the development of the look and feel of the store.

While sitting in a Philadelphia apartment in 2007 the name was picked by Jeremy and his then co–manager at a mall store, Loryn Webb, to communicate that people must work together to accomplish goals.

The logo was originally going to be an abstraction of the copyright symbol, designed by longtime friend and graphic designer Rhea Butcher, but was changed a bit while stitching hats at the mall. (Where the first COLLECTIVE item was made)

Rhea and Jeremy are friends from back in the Joe’s Skatepark days, as is Geo Jenkins who points the camera in our direction and makes it all look good.
Local/not so local artists are invited to periodically display in the store and COLLECTIVE is always open to collaboration on other art oriented projects.

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